At Château Picoron, we explore the potential of the great grape of Merlot, grown in plots surrounding the Château. Our wines are not blended. Each is produced of single plot grapes, from our 4.5ha vineyard. An honest expression of our terroir on the famous St Emilion clay & limestone ridge.  


Our wines are made following the OUVIPO philosophy (Ouvroir de Vins Potentiels). Made honoring natural and self-imposed constraints. The constraints of our region, Bordeaux, its varietals and the changing climate are the catalyst for our creation.

In the end,

the rules that constrict us

set us free.

Our Wines

Our Estate


Our Philosophy

1. Less is More

We believe nature to be our greatest collaborator. When it comes to producing our wine — less is more. Less additives, interventions, and attempts to change what nature is. Our wine is produced sustainably using organic practices, without animal products and with minimal intervention.

2. 100% Château Picoron

Our wines are not a blend of acres of vines, but a transparent and honest expression of a specific place: the famous St Emilion clay limestone ridge. We vinify our wines plot by plot, without blending, to produce only a few hundred cases. The result is the true expression of our terroir.

3. Constraints & Challenge = Creation

At Château Picoron we do not replicate — we innovate. We do not seek to be compared, but to express wines which are uniquely ours, to share with friends & family. We experiment, pioneer and create. Our wines are all unique expressions of Merlot, inspired by traditional French wine techniques, not bound by them. Harnessing the constraints upon us, we find freedom to invent, and showcase the potential of the Merlot berry.

4. Express the past & welcome the future

We produce hand made wines which celebrate the past, while also inspiring the next generation. Winemaking at our estate began over 2,000 years ago, and from 1570 continued by the Picoron family. Since 2015, Glenda & Frank Kalyk and our australian family are pursuing this legacy, celebrating the history of our winery and the future of the Bourdeaux region.

5. Respect for the Earth

We celebrate the past and future of Merlot, the first grape variety planted in Bordeaux. However, as the climate changes our environment, we must adapt. In doing so, we do not seek to control our ecosystem, but instead learn to coexist with it, challenging traditional methods of vinification, through creativity and self expression.

Under the watchful eye of Stephane Derenoncourt, our incredible team, and our family, we invite you to think differently about Bordeaux, Merlot and the wine you drink.

Be kind to the earth, your neighbour and yourself.